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Is Yin Jun cross the border endured after beating, freeze to death 17? Zhang Shaozhong: ? Source of  of rich hard bad stupid Lian?

India regards a whole world as rank of actual strength of integrated military affairs the country of the 4th, although do not have the how much war equipment that oneself produce, but as a be willing to part with or use beautiful big price purchases his country the country of advanced weapon, the weaponry nature of Indian army also became us hep ” brand of 10 thousand countries ” . This kind ” brand of 10 thousand countries ” equip, posed very great difficulty to logistics safeguard, not only the carriage of no-go generalization and supply, and because equipment is phyletic various, allocate to military goods and materials also formed enormous pressure.

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Do 4 bomber approach Russian army once more the United States? Beautiful bomber also flies to Russian border

Headquarters of North America air defence still emphasizes, the 2nd touchs close Russia opportunity for combat to form into columns in distance Alaska coast the airspace of 32 sea mile flies. Territorial air limits of the United States is from its coasting stretchs 12 sea mile to extension, but headquarters of North America air defence stems from safe consideration, the requirement is apart from the United States and Canadian coast to all is in inside 200 miles of limits (so called air defence identifies an area) the plane of the flight undertakes check identifying.