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Hu Xijin: American society dissension already was approached 0 with condition this is not good sign definitely

American media criticises he transmits the signal that gives culture war, and what he publishs attack is in order to consolidate white man proponent is basic dish be a purpose ” enter into an election contest speech ” , it is for please ministry separate electorate and the sedulous affront to another part American. The person that criticize criticises the president did not face all American introduction, do not have promising close difference to be made hard more. The analysis thinks, telangpu is in make older division regard as get the better of the stake that picks be reappointed consecutively.

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Foreign scholar: Confucius is ” ascensive conservatism person “

Bei Danning: We are in ” just grade is talked ” the introduction lifts about the example with Shandong wine formal desk, it is the chance that we ponder over this problem actually. I hold the position of a dean in Shandong university already the 4th year, entertain guests to want every time according to ” grade ” come sort chooses place. I also have when Oxford reads Master and doctor before ” high table late banquet ” (High Table) . On those late banquets, it is very clear that the grade of teacher and student shares, the teacher sits above, the student sits below, and the teacher eats what should compare a student with drunk stuff is advanced, this kind of grade lets a person feel uncomfortable. But the situation of Shandong is different. Coming is as a result of the table that the circle uses when having a meal, so grade is not apparent. 2 because the grade setting over there is to let each guest feel very comfortable,coming is.

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U.S. Army machine shows airspace of body Taiwan southwest bend of my army bomber flies to stage the eastpart part

The spot appearance that announces according to defensive province shows, what the liberation army dispatchs is to bang – 6K bomber, still hang below its ala carried missile. Occupy the flight line plan that announce additionally to show, two bang – 6 bomber give Gonggu sound to southeast flight from the East China Sea, turn to southwest subsequently, the East China Sea is returned along primary line after flying to Taiwan the eastpart part. Japan defends the province says, militia is urgent dispatch battleplan is answered.