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American president approval is cut down be stationed in 9500 people of heart U.S. Army redeploy army

CCTV news on July 1 message, local time on June 30, american department of defense confirms, american president Telangpu had been approved from German evacuate the plan of garrison of 9500 United States. Spokesman of American department of defense says, these army will by redeploy, with ” the keep within limits that strengthens pair of Russia ” , ” the deterrence power that enhances north to make an appointment with ” , ” let ally set one’s mind at ” , at the same time ” the strategic flexibility that strengthens the United States ” .

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Beautiful intermediary: ? Ji situation steals dimensions of? of the Song Dynasty of Qin of  of Mao of  of Zi  discharge to will comparative with the United States according to dainty

Without doubt, china is updating its ammunition library, and the likelihood is in reconsider maintaining ” the smallest deterrence ” the strategy. But, china deploy 300 long-range nuke, and basis ” new cut down strategic weapon treaty ” , beautiful Russia should carry the nuclear warhead of respective deploy in 1550 the following. Accordingly, the expert expresses, in any negotiations, beijing insists likely to be in before agreeing with any ties, its nuclear force enlarges 5 times. So far, china expresses to discuss any ties innocently.