Telangpu ” swing boiler ” Mexico but the behavior that build a wall is pointed to unconstitutional

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Local time 23 days, telangpu flew to border area to attend border fence ceremony of 200 miles of complete, and Dihuana calls the famous border town Mexican a side ” global virus infects a source ” , still flatter the border land wall that oneself build 100% resisted the virus tide that comes from Mexico, continue an epidemic situation ” swing boiler ” to Mexico.

Telangpu attends ▲ complete of fence of 200 miles of border celebrates a ceremony.

Telangpu attends border fence build to finish the 200th mile of complete to celebrate a ceremony to flatter border fence holds back the epidemic situation that comes from Mexican a side successfully

Local time 23 days, telangpu attended build of fence of border of beautiful Chinese ink to finish the congratulatory activity of 200 miles of length. This activity is in American Arizona city (Arizona) the st. louis city that is in with Mexican border (San Luis) those who undertake. Telangpu is during epidemic situation specially flies to border area to enter congratulatory activity, the core below is made enter into an election contest during also entering into an election contest to reveal his actually acceptance — the acceptance that build a wall has become reality, going further also is for oneself the be reappointed consecutively November enters into an election contest build situation.

▲ local time 23 days, telangpu attended build of fence of border of beautiful Chinese ink to finish the congratulatory activity of 200 miles of length.

Below the circumstance that still spreading badly in epidemic situation of current United States, telangpu insists to describing a kind of setting, that is epidemic situation truly serious place is in border fence the Mexico south, and do not be in border fence United States this a side.

And be based on such judgement, telangpu expresses on congratulatory activity of 23 days, want to thank him to hold to wall of built this border land just about, keep apart and just hold back epidemic situation effectively in Mexican a side. For the former word according to Telangpu: “I had built border land wall, this border fence already 100% block held off new coronal virus, border fence holds back everything. Border fence holds back everything..

Cut of ▲ news page pursues, the bold-face in article is written, telangpu says ” I had built border land wall, this border fence already 100% block held off new coronal virus, border fence holds back everything. Border fence holds back everything..

But actually the circumstance is, include Telangpuben the Arizona administrative division that ginseng adds congratulatory ceremony to be in (Arizona) , still have the Dekesasi that follows Mexican border on city (Texas) with California city (California) be in at present those who experience information about and appraisal of an epidemic is strong break out again.

The epidemic situation of Arizona city is a few inside week experience in the past more the most serious inside completely beautiful limits rebound, border fence attends to celebrate same day of the ceremony in Telangpu, was to achieve the adds 3591 case of illness and 42 people death newly the worst record inside 24 hours more.

The United States is the country with whole world the most serious epidemic situation, the number of example of catch a disease of feeling of new coronal diagnose of own home is more than 10 times of Mexico, according to the data of American CDC, up to on June 26, gross of diagnose case of illness has exceeded 2.4 million, and case load of new coronal death has exceeded 124 thousand person, the real data of these epidemic situation exceeds Mexican data far.

In the meantime, mexico ranks the 14th in number of diagnose of global epidemic situation, local time on June 26, mexican Ministry of Public Health announces, diagnose of Mexican whole nation 208392 new coronals are pneumonic case of illness, in the meantime, gross of case of illness of death of diagnose of Mexican whole nation is 25779.

▲ CDC releases up to the data of American epidemic situation June 26.

Telangpu the government continues to rebound epidemic situation ” swing boiler ” calling town of border of beautiful Mo Bian Dihuana to Mexico is new coronal virus ” global virus infects a source “

Although face the diagnose patient number that rises everyday, telangpu still insists to say, the diagnose number of American respect is higher, because American respect did more detecting,be, more detect be equal to more diagnose case of illness.

According to Telangpu’s logic, because of Mexico this side was not done enough detect more, so diagnose number just compares the United States look a lot of less.

Screen of ▲ news cut, caption: Case of illness of more of diagnose of a side of dagger of American emperor alternate, also did more to detect.

So Telangpu insists to think real epidemic situation is to be in Mexico of this a side, be the border land wall that he builds held off epidemic situation to inbreak the United States. If do not have border fence, include California administrative division inside a lot of border cities can fall into enemy hands. Also be based on this one theory just about, telangpu thinks, because these come from the virus of border land other a side,inbreak namely, like Arizona city so such border city just can become completely beautiful epidemic situation to weigh disaster area.

Fence of border of smooth keep to the side is so insufficient still, telangpu still chose to shut the port of overland border land with Mexico, restrict at the same time ” blame core ” the personnel of demand flows, and still was adopted more strict be aimed at illegal immigrant, include to apply the policy of the refugee of shelter, the measure that achieved the illegal immigrant that border land of only month repatriate captures one after another is new tall.

▲ is mixed in the United States the border fence of Mexican border land, illegal immigrant tries to cross border fence to enter the United States.

Time is entered in June the last ten-day of a month, although afore-mentioned measure has been thrown,carry out, nevertheless the epidemic situation number of American home still is rising ceaselessly, the inflection point of epidemic situation returns not within the foreseeable future, below such circumstance, telangpu is forced to continue to swing the boiler of epidemic situation to Mexico, the famousest port city the base of a fruit on Mexico and line of American border land the concentration of virus of Wanner fashion into area, and say Dihuana has been become ” the transmission source of the virus inside global limits ” .

Borrow this, telangpu returns the topic for discussion of border fence to go up again, he expresses, because,be border land the Dihuana of that a side already ” serious by virus occupational ” , so of American this a side ” each person ” ask he continues to advance the course that builds a wall eagerly, such ability can protect American people do not suffer the harrass of the virus city of border fence other a side.

On-line of border land of ▲ beautiful Chinese ink two important border towns: The Dihuana of holy alternate dagger of the United States and Mexico.

See here, everybody already can clarity understands Telangpu government ” swing boiler ” the logistic kernel that gives Mexico, his road be such, above all, the virus that passes into by Mexico causes American epidemic situation rebounds, next the border town of Mexican a side has been become ” global virus infects a source ” , so Telangpu accepts the commission of American people, need makes border land wall and adopt rigid land settlement policy, such ability hold back virus to continue to inbreak the United States, so far, finished build a wall to tighten up land settlement policy and the logic of the Mexico that swing boiler to answer annulus.

Actually, telangpu government ” swing boiler ” epidemic situation gives Mexico, be in probably 2 one has been acclaimed before Zhou Zhi, the epidemic situation that includes the White House at that time answers a group, reach one is judged, because recent new coronal is pneumonic,say diagnose case of illness is medium majority descendantses for Latin America, reach so judgement, american epidemic situation rebounds come from Mexico.

Nevertheless Telangpu did not speak the answers annulus superstructure that come however, that is all everything, it is for him the be reappointed consecutively November enters into an election contest continue scrape up chip.

So, can Telangpu is like really wish?

Continue to hit to go after be reappointed consecutively ” emigrant ” is the card afraid should come to nothing? American federal court phonates Telangpu is suspected of violating divert capital to build border land wall

Backdate arrives 2016 during presidential general election, of Telangpu this builds border fence project is a when he makes at that time major commitment, also be to coordinate oneself land settlement policy, simple for, telangpu wants to prevent illegal immigrant to enter the United States with border fence namely.

Time was close to 4 years in the past, we look later 0 always always the news about border fence, can see really, after Telangpu assumes office, push project of wall of attend in a advanced studies very actively really, and be in new coronal is pneumonic during epidemic situation, of border fence build a project to also did not stop.

Analytic personage points out, apparent, telangpuxi hopes to mix border fence again him fashion into of illegal emigrant topic for discussion enter into an election contest chip. At present time has been entered by June, soon American general election will draw near every day in November, the border fence that is far from news heat for a time it seems that walks into public eye shot again.

However according to the report, with respect to strong finish of fence of border of Chinese ink is in the beauty 200 miles congratulatory ceremony just goes 3 days, its hold back Telangpudazan when the heat of security of border of new coronal virus, consolidate still maintains perch, on June 26, a federal court of American California rules, capital of governmental divert the Pentagon builds Telangpu the border fence between the United States and Mexico attributes illegal action.

▲ beautiful intermediary reports, caption: Forensic ruling, capital of divert department of defense builds Telangpu border fence is suspected of breaking the law.

According to the report of American media, american federal court rules, governmental divert national defence, military affairs mixes Telangpu other the capital of billions of dollar that was not appointed to be used at building border land wall, disobey the United States ” constitution ” clause allocating funds.

Adjudication shows, “These capital have him to use originally, and move of this kind of capital is belonged to without code accredit draws fund from the Ministry of finance, unconstitutional clause. Accordingly, move of this kind of capital is illegimate. Move of this kind of capital is illegimate..

So the issue came, if Telangpu is suspected of breaking the law with, and it is to disobey the behavior of American constitution to seek chip for president of him be reappointed consecutively, can such route go so that connect?

Inside global limits, up to now, still did not appear the specific that is aimed at new coronal virus, epidemic situation still is spreading continuously, the United States of North America area and Mexico face the difficult problem of beat back epidemic situation. Below such circumstance, if the government wants Telangpu to transfer the people to control the unsatisfactory of not do one’s best to epidemic situation through swinging the method of boiler, this is faint apparently, also be irresponsible practice. If Telangpu hopes to use epidemic situation and emigrant problem to hit then,give presidential be reappointed consecutively ” combine a fist ” , can saying even is the practice that despises close to your person.