Why does Japan cancel Si Dun of deploy Liu Jizhou: Do not think the ” that it is the United States is made marry the garment “

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Always show on day beautiful matters pertaining to defense piece ” blindly follow sb ” the Japanese militia of condition is in this week cancelled formally onshore ” time Si Dun ” purchase a plan, japan is being strengthened in guiding force is built instead this one great repeatedly, more or less to also mirror it to change to the assessment of defense posture.

Cancel ” Liu Jizhou Si Dun ” small 99

This week, japanese defense is saved made defend Wu system to homeland, especially air defence guides systematic value does not poor instead and comparative to change importantly, that recalls formally namely in Japanese deploy two ” Liu Jizhou Si Dun ” guide instead systematic plan. River of Japanese defensive posture is wild too man ever was in before this undertook making known one’s position with respect to this one incident external on June 15, be in subsequently on June 25, he is going up from civilian party conference again divulge, here before today national security ensures the conference to go up, already decided to recall Xiang Qiutian, mountain pass of two counties ” system of Liu Jizhou Si Dun ” deploy plan.

Position of experiment of system of Liu Jizhou Si Dun

According to Japan defense saves the view that alleges external, cancel ” Liu Jizhou Si Dun ” because,official argument of the system is inextricability embark along with the system ” standard – 3 ” guide intercept plays roll booster to may fall into make trouble residential area instead, affect the safety of around dweller thereby. But cost as old, total cost plans to be able to exceed 700 billion yen formerly, and had invested nearly 20 billion yen guide the system plans instead, if because the point of fall of roll booster may break a person,be merely,such problem is about to abandon thoroughly, make a person feel mysterious apparently.

After all ” standard – 3 ” the product that series missile itself is development of beautiful day combination, finish what can pass pair of land to fire model missile completely to improve theoretically will resolve relevant demand, what although may create project research and development,perhaps purchase cost is certain rise, unapt also to Japan not acceptability.

Do not cross American respect to go up in this matter ” the lion starts to talk greatly ” it is militia undoubtedly those who abandon is important because of,move. “Standard 3 ” charge of missile research and development is as high as 220 billion yen, time-consuming 12 years, and beautiful Fang Sheng says, fly through revising accuse software general to be able to ensure roll booster falls in appoint region of place of safety, but need is equal capital and time. This one financing raised extent to exceed Japanese anticipation undoubtedly. To this year May the last ten-day of a month, the placement control problem that Japan defends the province maintains relevant missile roll booster again can be passed only change one’s costume or dress hardware tries to solve, come so, the road that is placed before militia has only.

Everybody doesn’t have expect the key that roll booster of so called missile became a project to cancel actually

Japanese government and militia at the beginning make choice of ” Liu Jizhou Si Dun ” purpose, very big one part depends on so called ” Korea missile is minatory ” , after all from on 90 time Korea begins the century equipment ” labor ” ballistic missile begins series, korea missile entered real phase to Japanese menace. After around Korea mastered nuke skill 2010, appear ” spark – 10 ” (the outside is called ” dance water is carried ” ) intermediate range missile, because the promotion of missile function lets this kind of minatory farther enlarge,be more. 2017 Korea a few test-fire ” spark – 12 ” in long-range and ballistic missile and ” spark – 14 ” intercontinental is ballistic when missile with Japan of tall ballistic leap in the sky, cause Japanese home for many times missile alarm and public opinion pressure, river of defensive posture of Japan of no less than is wild too man place says: “Below the circumstance that fires ballistic missile every week almost in Korea, missile defense is urgent affairs. ” frequent Korea missile trial fire made Japan accelerate what add ship of time Si Dun newly to purchase what with Liu Jizhou Si Dun system introduces is decision-making.

Add in November 2017, american president Telangpu visits day, with after installing times talk, money of this be addicted to is like the president of the life on the press conference ground of too impatient to wait alleges, japan should buy weaponry of many United States. Outer bound looks, decision of Japanese ministerial meeting will introduce the same year on December 19 of system of Si Dun of Liu Jizhou of two United States decision-making, go up somehow even if premier official mansions controls the job that come down for day beauty concern. Although defend the province professes to be opposite at that time Si Dun of land radical time ” systematic function and risk did not make clear Hunan ” , but meet in Japan ” strive as soon as possible deploy, began movement formally to use 2025 ” below the requirement, still be ground of without a stop began Liu Jizhou project of Si Dun system.

The missile trial fire with frequent 2017 Korea is the crucial factor that Liu Jizhou Si Dun appears

Come to look today toward rare case from 2017 nevertheless, si Dun system has these two Liu Jizhou of Japanese plan deploy apparently many ” make for other marry clothes ” composition is inside. Although media before this again and again these two systems have apply colours to a drawing the ability that assists the ballistic missile that intercept Russia fires to American mainland, but what when because of Russia land radical nuclear missile is atttacking American mainland, go is arctic course, unlikely from Japan in the sky through; China hits a course to the nucleus of American mainland, besides from Nanhai water area to American mainland western blast off go besides the course that fires ballistic missile, also in the sky won’t pass Japanese mainland basically, but the county of deploy position Qiu Tian of systems of two the Si Dun that cover time and mountain pass county are in Korea to go to the United States fitly really Hawaiian, Korea arrives on the straight path of Guam.

Korea deploys cannon-shot to enclothe the purpose of intermediate range missile of Japan before this, more is Japanese this one United States ally is searched to undertake below the circumstance that cannot atttack American mainland in its ” be taken to the execution ground together with those to be executed as a form of intimidation ” deterrence, as with ” spark – 15 ” the development of the intercontinental missile that is a delegate is successful, korea is theoretic the capacity that had had pair of United States mainland to undertake strategic nucleus blow and direct nucleus are detered. Below such circumstance, korea spreads out the possibility of blow to drop gradually directly to Japan, si Dun of time of two land radical is right the value taper of Japanese oneself, protect action to American screen apparent with each passing day instead.

Guide instead in contemporary Japan militia fight pressure drops relatively below the environment, face other the capital need with each more urgent domains, together with only then makings do not technical issue is shown ceaselessly, systematic price anticipates rise ceaselessly, the system of Liu Jizhou Si Dun with devoted use ceaseless and protracted time already from 2017 ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” turned very hot hand into sweet potato. To militia, alleged ” should break ceaseless, get its chaos instead ” , taking the advantage of the Liu Jizhou with huge investment Si Dun system has not cast too much true gold silver, cancel the project as early as possible, will relevant capital converts pair of militia more ” useful ” the project comes up, looking undoubted in the defensive province of instantly is right defense budget uses the method with taller efficiency.

After cancelling Si Dun of land radical time, whether can Japan enhance mainland to guide instead through other measure fight ability, meet again ” managing ” the budget that come down is thrown to what direction, it is a when watch Japanese militia trend next important angle undoubtedly.