U.S. Army machine shows airspace of body Taiwan southwest bend of my army bomber flies to stage the eastpart part

28/06/2020 Off By admin

[Xu Lu of reporter of round-the-world network coverage bright] according to Japan defensive province all adds up to ministry of inspect of aides and staff to reported on June 28, japan discovers the liberation army bangs twice – 6 model bomber is mixed in the East China Sea Pacific Ocean in the sky flight.

The spot appearance that announces according to defensive province shows, what the liberation army dispatchs is to bang – 6K bomber, still hang below its ala carried missile. Occupy the flight line plan that announce additionally to show, two bang – 6 bomber give Gonggu sound to southeast flight from the East China Sea, turn to southwest subsequently, the East China Sea is returned along primary line after flying to Taiwan the eastpart part. Japan defends the province says, militia is urgent dispatch battleplan is answered.

This one information that Japanese defense omits, also caused the attention of Taiwan media instantly. Stage intermediary emphasizes saying the liberation army bangs in the report – 6 bomber fly sweep past Taiwan maritime space of northeastern the East China Sea is taken, in the sky cross Gong Guhai gorge subsequently, fly to airspace of open waters of Taiwan the eastpart part for a time, stage army ” in close monitoring ” .

Notable is, on June 28 that day, taiwan kisses green media ” free times ” the report says, american navy patrols machine appear to also be near Taiwan. The report says, american naval P-8A ” Nereus ” maritime patrol machine in the sky appear in bus channel. The report says, this already was U.S. Army machine appears the 8th day in Taiwan southwest airspace continuously.

Show body Taiwan Strait often in the light of aircraft of U.S. Army ship, the department of defense ever was used ” 3 serious ” response. Ren Guojiang of spokesman of department of defense ever expressed, the United States just is since close period of time on Taiwan problem inactive motion is constant, the country is municipal in serious interference, play havoc with Taiwan Strait peace and stability, serious drug is Sino-US two countries two army relation, “To the stage alone force releases wrong signal, it is extremely dangerous ” , china does not allow foreign force to hit absolutely ” Taiwan card ” , not allow to bear any forms absolutely ” stage alone ” disrupt conspire and act. He says, the liberation army undertakes the martial action such as combat readiness cruise aims to maintain state sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain peace and stability of Taiwan Strait area, maintain the common interest of cross-strait brethren.