Expert: Carry 20 still have tremendous progress potential my army needs hundreds of at least

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People net Beijing on June 29 report (Chen Yu) a few days ago, the carry of own research and development of a China – 20 carriage prow fly to Russia. Since epidemic situation of coronal of make a fresh start is eruptive, carry – 20 already went abroad for many times executive task, carry epidemic situation to prevent to the country such as Pakistan, Thailand early or late accuse goods and materials. Martial expert Chen Hong expresses when accepting people net to interview, future carries – the warfare capability that 20 planes still will be Chinese army brings tremendous promotion.

War pestilence rush to the rescue is become ” the net is red “

Carry – the 20 new generation that are our country own research and development are large multipurpose transport, official code name ” roc ” , and because its airframe exterior is wide fruity, the netizen had a pet name for it ” fat girl ” . In masses impression, carry – 20 what had not carried out to be not warlike war task it seems that since listing outfit China air force 2016 oneself, but in action of pestilence of war of Wuhan of military this year rush to the rescue, this ” fat girl ” plane became everybody to heat up the central issue that discuss.

On Feburary 13 before dawn, air force dispatchs airborne army assists 11 transport Xiang Wuhan team member of Hubei medical team and goods and materials, this carries among them – 20 transport occupied 6, finishing reinforce job satisfactorily while, also showed its powerful carriage ability to the people of the whole country.

“Carry – 20 planes basically are in the Gao Han area such as northwest highland to undertake goods and materials carries the mission, this also examined further its military transport below all sorts of complex landform and climate condition reacts quickly ability. ” Introduction Chen Hong.

In a few months later, carry – 20 go abroad several times again executive task, wait for a country to Pakistan, Thailand early or late urgent carry epidemic situation to prevent accuse goods and materials. Can say, be in in the whole world the instantly of make a stand against of as pneumonic as new coronal epidemic situation, carry – 20 join rose to span the war pestilence of territory ” lifeline ” .

The solid backing of air force force

Modern war is at war region is increasingly vast, warlike rhythm is accelerated increasingly, the quick response that world each country does his utmost to strengthen native army and cast remotely send ability, so that carry military strength, weapon quickly,be badly in need of an area, the reinforce that is follow up units and develop contention time, here the situation falls, equipment is large carring capacity transport is the demand with each country pressing army.

The carry before this – Tang Changgong of 20 total stylist ever expressed, the greatest takeoff weight is this machine 220 tons, loading capacity of the biggest outfit is 66 tons.

“Want to build a modernization, people air man that has powerful fighting capacity, equipment carries – such 20 large carriage airlineses are very necessary, its speed is 3 times above of Gao Tie, marine 20 times above, can make whole fight army builds up in what minitary force manages inside the shortest time, conduce to undertake army deploy quickly, promote fighting capacity considerably. ” Chen Hong says.

Still have tremendous progress potential

“Carry – 20 planes the development foreground henceforth, should say very capacious. ” Introduction Chen Hong, carry at present – the D-30KP-2 engine that what 20 planes equip is Russia, future can convert new generation is homebred and large jet-propelled engine eddy fan 20 (WS-20) , the thrust that this kind of engine offers every can achieve 15 tons of above.

“In recent years, the battleplan engine technology of our country came true to span type develops, broke through the bottleneck with adv unimaginably people, this kinds of 20 new-style engine also can be in similar eddy fan before long in order to equips in the future the transport of large-scale for military use of ourselves, produce more outstanding effect. ” Chen Hong says.

In addition, carry – 20 also can change his costume or dress to machine or antisubmarine plane are cheered in sky. The loading capacity that is as high as 66 tons can make its are become in sky ” gas station ” , finish with battleplan when exercise is cheered in taking line space clever cooperate; And as antisubmarine plane, it can embark a variety of light-duty, heavy-duty go instead equipment, depend on oneself weight big, add boat time is long, the advantage with far range, function field is more powerful also.

At present Chinese air force to carry – the demand of 20 planes is very pressing. Chen Hong expresses, in light of the target that builds air force of a strategy now with our country, be afraid need hundreds of carry at least – 20 planes. “Carry – the occurrence of 20 planes is to write strong on history of Chinese air force beautiful brushstroke, believe to there still will be type henceforth air force of continuous equipment China. Believe to there still will be type henceforth air force of continuous equipment China..