For many times propaganda to the enemy at the front line did not obtain response Sha Tehai alarm fire drive leaves vessel of 3 Iran ship

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△ picture is Sha Tehai alarm patrol ship, come from local media

Reference news net reported according to Afp Liyade reported on June 27 on June 29, the Saudi Arabia says Saturday local time, after the warning shoots, vessel of 3 Iran ship from sand spy territorial sea ” be forced to pull out ” .

Sand spy news agency of the government reports: “Local time Zhou Si dusk 6 when 30 minutes, coastal posse enters sand spy in vessel of 3 Iran ship they discovered after territorial sea. Coastal posse enters sand spy in vessel of 3 Iran ship they discovered after territorial sea..

The report still says, these ship vessels ” reject a response ” the warning that issues repeatedly, sand is subsequently special respect ” the warning shoots… just force them to pull out ” .

The report did not explain they are why to be planted ship vessel.

Afp points out, 2016, executed in Liyade the assorted part of a historical period that gets respect sends clergy after Nimier, iranian remonstrant launchs assault to be stationed in Iranian diplomatic corps especially dene, stopped the foreign relations with Iran subsequently especially dene. Last year, after the assault incident in oily establishment of the tanker that happened to be aimed at thalassic area and Sha Teshi, tight situation somewhat aggravate. The United States and sand criticise Iran is a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain of these assault especially, but Teheran gives deny.