Suffer new coronal epidemic situation to affect an U.S. Army to defer laser weapon tests on opportunity for combat

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” news of matters pertaining to defense ” the report said on June 30, controller of air force project expresses, challenge as a result of what technical level and epidemic situation of new coronal virus bring, air force tests a plan in what airborne laser weapon has on battleplan already by remit to 2023.

Lab of air force research (Air Force Research Laboratory) shield (SHiELD) Mei Er of auspicious of project manager conspicuous (Jeff Heggeeier) express, air force ego protects high-energy laser to demonstrate implement project (Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator Program) original plan undertook flying first revealing 2021, but this plan was deferred two years.

He tells in interviewing of June 10 ” news of matters pertaining to defense ” : “A very sophisticated technology is in blending in laser weapon flight environment. Final, we hope to prove through shield project laser technology is already enough and mature, can use on airborne platform. Dan Xinguan virus and subsequently and the economic depression that come brought an influence to our project.

Besides, the perspective that uses laser weapon on battleplan is not clear also. For air force battleplan provides defense capability below the circumstance that the target of shield project is the missile that fires in enemy plane or system of hostile ground air defense. But in May, the Griffin of undersecretary of department of defense that the Pentagon is in charge of research and project (Mike Griffin) point out, he is right airborne laser weapon whether defence missile is held ” suspect extremely ” manner.

When be asked what this means to shield project, the officer collect Po that air force is in charge of purchasing (Will Roper) admit, this branch is reconsidering how best is used directional can weapon (Directed-energy Technologies) this technology. He says, perhaps battleplan is not use platform of shield project optimal.

“What I and group say is, we need to have a conversation to this, ” Luo Po cut Er in rice on June 9 aerospace institute (Mitchell Institute For AerSpace Studies) say in sponsorred activity, “Let us understand the different power of laser weapon, and they should be corresponding what kind of circumstances. And they should be corresponding what kind of circumstances..

“I hope the weapon uses a laser to look ordinary but actually very important and on the menace of small-sized and unmanned aircraft that makes a person anxious. Unmanned aircraft is a kind of menace that appears continuously, and the status that we determine them very hard normally. From blow missile fires to small-sized and unmanned aircraft for means too costly not actual also. So this will be the domain of a ground that can let laser weapon have use force. Once in domain of small-sized and unmanned aircraft investment is used, we can do the business that army place does, increase weapon power namely. Increase weapon power namely..

Er of hertz auspicious plum says, the laser technology that shield project place develops can derive utility of a lot of innovation, but the abidance of air force is thrown and continue to develop crucial, can measure ceaselessly so fight the maturity of ability and weapon and effectiveness.

“I think to be opposite for us, the content that remembers shield project is very important. The main meaning of shield project is not one purchases an item merely, perhaps say and just do not yield to be born tens of or such hundreds laser weapon system. Shield project hopes to answer the following question well and truly, namely laser technology is mature, whether can you use on the platform in sky? Whether were we solved enough does much technical challenge make laser technology became reality? Whether were we solved enough does much technical challenge make laser technology became reality??

He still points out, what shield project pays attention to more is the laser weapon that can bring capacity of the defend oneself on tactics for battleplan, and missile defense bureau (Missile Defense Agency) those who put forward is can the laser weapon with the higher power of the ballistic missile with intercept advanced height.

“In fact here points to (laser weapon) without particularly special, long range. What point to here is cannon-shot shorter and have different cause, to protect the laser weapon of yourself or wing plane. Missile defense may mean a lot of businesses. Task of some missile defense is very special and difficult, some are not very difficult. Some are not very difficult..

At least current and character, air force is in directional can the investment that weapon respect is having stability, it orchestrated capital support for high-energy laser with a variety of budgets. In 2021 money year, it requests 15.1 million dollar to be used at basic research to congress, 45.1 million dollar is used at the applied research of high-energy laser technology, additionally 13 million dollar leads technology of solid state laser with Yu Gaogong. And in 2020 money year, air force obtained 14.8 million dollar to be used at basic research from congress, additionally 48.2 million dollar is used at laser technology to use research.

The report says, shield project divides composition by 3: The laser itself that by Martin of Losk Heed · the company develops; The beam of light that by Nuosiluopu Geluman the company makes controls a system; And the towed bird of the system of wrap up weapon that comes from Boeing company. Er of hertz auspicious plum says, towed bird is in construction, laser and the conformity that beam of light controls a system plan to will begin at next year.

He expresses: “Try all these things are put into this small towed bird is a challenge. If you see the laser of other and opposite maturity, the other laser system that we still have other contractor to build is OK at any time deploy. But these are Liu Ji systems, they should mature more. They should mature more..

April 2019, the laser weapon that air force researchs to the lab uses a kind of army to be used at present demonstrates a system (Demonstrator Laser Weapon System, DLWS) undertook the ground checks. Check successfully down this a few sky are right empty missile.

Er of hertz auspicious plum says: “The fact proves, when you consider all factors, DLWS system is a of weapon of shield project laser very good substitute. DLWS system is a of weapon of shield project laser very good substitute..

The energy that shield and DLW produce on the target is similar. How do replacing a test to let air force study the lab understood laser well produce physical effect to the target. Er of hertz auspicious plum says, the power of the laser weapon of shield project is equivalent to ” a few tile ” .

2019, this group is had to the towed bird that developing with Boeing identical outside the towed bird of modular line undertook flying checking. Installation of this towed bird is on a plane, be in the base of dust case Lin Kongjun of Florida city (Eglin Air Force Base) all round flight, measure oscillatory, gravity and other environment element in order to help how to may affect the performance of laser weapon.

Air force magazine reported 2019 express, demonstrate to will be on battleplan of a F-15 in the sky of shield undertake.