Beautiful intermediary: ? Ji situation steals dimensions of? of the Song Dynasty of Qin of  of Mao of  of Zi  discharge to will comparative with the United States according to dainty

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The United States ” new York Times ” report, pass the information that these have not publish in the United States, american president Telangpuxi hopes to make Russia and United States together, drive China to join jointly ” new cut down strategic weapon treaty ” . In this one process, telangpu although governmental general dimensions is small but increasingly powerful Chinese nucleus arsenal (the 1/5 that dimensions still has the United States or Russia only) the new menace that depicts leader of the Russia that it is the United States to should be faced jointly.

The information that the United States passes is very specific: Telangpu won’t add signs any heavy main force that join without China to accuse treaty. A lot of exterior experts are oppugned, nuclear fierce of China is built — be evaluated to be ability amount of bigger and rather than is more — whether to resemble importunate of American government institute having minatory sex in that way.

Without doubt, china is updating its ammunition library, and the likelihood is in reconsider maintaining ” the smallest deterrence ” the strategy. But, china deploy 300 long-range nuke, and basis ” new cut down strategic weapon treaty ” , beautiful Russia should carry the nuclear warhead of respective deploy in 1550 the following. Accordingly, the expert expresses, in any negotiations, beijing insists likely to be in before agreeing with any ties, its nuclear force enlarges 5 times. So far, china expresses to discuss any ties innocently.

“Theoretic tell, pulling China this one treaty is a good idea. Is practice medium? This is impossible. ” Ci of lid of the defense minister before the United States says in the strategy and international research center this month. China does not have participation motive at all, if Telangpu continues current line, he will invite finally ” China is made get much nuclear weapon more than what we think, reach the level that comparatives with the United States ” .