Month: March 2020

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The U.S. Army accelerates research and development to turn over excellent weapon to aim at war of Asia-Pacific area high end

Construction of system of defense of American excellent velocity of sound will be main it is a foundation in order to have system of ballistic missile defense, carry the kind that improve and grinds newly, the unifinication defense ability that forms menace of pair of excellent velocity of sound and ballistic missile menace finally. Bureau of current missile defense is being explored from systematic framework, early-warning, command control, intercept is played wait for many dimension to spend drive ability of defense of excellent velocity of sound to develop.

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Russia is newest MiG 31BM fights efficiency raises 2.6 times range fast catch up with bomber

MiG – the meaning of 31BM is ” MiG – 31 deepness are modern ” , its are apart from to the biggest discovery of the target in sky achieve 320 kilometre, can dog at the same time 10 targets, newest model can dog at the same time 24 targets, and can be hit at the same time among them 8 targets. The computer on machine can choose the target with 4 the biggest menace automatically, launch attack. MiG – 31BM deploys R-37 sky empty missile, flight speed can achieve 6 times velocity of sound, cannon-shot amounts to 400 kilometre.

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17 end Duan Gong hits east wind speed does not calculate very tall why U.S. Army still such fear

In addition, as a result of east wind – 17 missile were used a lot of heat insolation and drop in temperature measure, used data of body of concealed of infra-red wave band possibly, infra-red radiate intensity is reduced on certain level, reduced infra-red sensor to discover a distance to its, promoted concealed body property, increased dash forward prevent ability.