Month: April 2020

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If China wants to be in short-term inside produce perpendicular case fall opportunity for combat has these two roads to be able to go

Recently, the message it may be said that ship of assault of the 2nd amphibious enters the water caused our country to whether should develop to our country again perpendicular case fall opportunity for combat, whether does ship of 075 amphibious assault need configuration perpendicular case fall the controversy of opportunity for combat, also be to opinions vary all the time on the network. The proponent thinks, as a result of perpendicular case fall opportunity for combat is OK take off on narrower board, accordingly, research and development one model perpendicular case fall opportunity for combat, let amphibious atttack naval vessel evolution to become accurate aircraft carrier, it is very necessary. And anti expresses, perpendicular case fall technology of opportunity for combat is sophisticated, to obtain perpendicular case fall ability, motor-driven of such as of opportunity for combat, range, carry play ability to sacrifice somewhat, still be inferior to law-abiding development aircraft carrier and machine of carrier-borne of traditional and fixed ala.

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If 055 big drive use full report to advance 3 advantages hang down to send a measure or promote

Of course, full report is advanced do not be confined to this for 055 brought advantages, a crucial prospective carrier-borne weapon cannot leave the support that full report boosts likewise, that is electromagnetism artillery piece. At the beginning of 2018, network upper levels first the photograph of the naval vessel on artillery piece of Chinese naval electromagnetism. Public data shows, chinese electromagnetism prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan although compare American evening,development starts, already obtained decisive breakthrough in two big fields however. Be creation of group of academician of naval expert Ma Weiming ” force store can device ” ; 2 be research and development of total courtyard of research of Beijing nonferrous metal ” bedding face accumulates film of superconduction of double-faced high temperature ” . Former for orbit of electromagnetism of our country research and development prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun offerred enough electric power to assure, can make electromagnetism orbit artillery piece has needs powerful capacitance, latter is the key on electromagnetism orbit artillery piece quicken one of device core parts of an apparatus.

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Zhumuwoerte U.S. Army of naval vessel consign: Ceng Yin problem is overmuch by ” remove sb’s name from the rolls “

The report said website of American diplomacy scholar on April 29, last week, american navy was received formally ” Zhumuwoerte ” date chaser (this naval vessel 2016 ever consign, but because the problem is too much by ” remove sb’s name from the rolls ” — this net is noted) , this is a naval vessel of chaser of body of fancy concealed of Wo Er of bright red Mu. American navy says in 27 days of published statement, delivery has in 24 days.

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The United States is unjustifiable in criticising China develops proper activity in Nanhai, just respond to

China devotes oneself to to uphold state sovereignty, sovereignty rights and interests and jurisdictional, the position that maintains Nanhai area peace and stability is adamantine. The United States just is opposite on concerned problem baleful attack of China, it is confuse right and wrong completely, be full of bias and crammer, its purpose is to sow discord, the purpose obstructs the effort that China and area country dialog negotiate through agitate bureau, destroy area peace and stability, strategy of hegemony of the whole world that it is the United States serves.

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China is naval the 35th batch of convoy form into columns go to inferior naval vessel of aegis of Ding Wan god presents as leading role (graph)

This morning, naval the 35th batch of convoy form into columns from sailing of cast loose of naval port of Zhejiang boat Shan Mou, head for inferior maritime space of Ding Wan, Somalia replaces the 34th batch of convoy to form into columns executive convoy task. This convoy forms into columns by frigate of naval vessel of missile destroyer Taiyuan, missile Jing Zhou naval vessel and naval vessel of Chao Hu of integrated supply ship are comprised, among them city naval vessel all is Taiyuan naval vessel, chaste tree to be carried out first inferior task of Ding Wan convoy. (country Liu Yaxun)