Month: May 2020

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Annihilate 20 outside hang auxiliary tank to be decreased from 4 why is be 2 very blazing practice

Annihilate – the pillar that 20 battleplan are Chinese air force, every act is affected army confused heart, recently, in the Chengdu City in the sky, the netizen films a special annihilate – 20 battleplan, this annihilate – 20 battleplan number is 2021, plane surface besmear installs complete yellow, this is to be about to come on the stage of consign brand-new battleplan, the characteristic with this the biggest airlines is, in suspension of wing lower part 2 2400 litres giant auxiliary tank, everybody knows, annihilate – there are 4 below 20 battleplan wing heavy-duty register a drop, can hang carry 4 giant auxiliary tank, this kind of compose had appeared 2017, the plane that appears this, also have different distinguishing feature, the plane hangs a dot in the side outside wing only carry auxiliary tank.